My Own Game (Which is the name of this game actually)

The past 10 weeks I've been spending a lot of time working on an amazing project, that project is My Own

My Own Game is a website where kids can create their very own games without any programming knowledge. Using the easy to understand game editor they can create all sorts of games. From a simple platformer to a fully fledged RPG.

My Own Game was inspired by two games, "Super Mario Maker" and "Het Klokhuis Gamestudio". The first one probably sounds familiar. The Wii U game where you create your very own super mario level. I noticed that a ton of people wanted to play this amazing game but didn't wanted to buy a Wii U just for Super Mario Maker. I started looking on the internet for an alternative solution but couldn't find one that was just as fun to play around with.

The other game is "Het Klokhuis Gamestudio", a Dutch website where kids can create their very own games. Sounds familiar eh? "Het Klokhuis Gamestudio" is the website that got me started on game development. There were a ton of people on that website back in the day and it was a lot of fun. Eventually I wanted to do more and moved on to Game Maker around the age of 10.

"Het Klokhuis Gamestudio" was a large piece of my life and I'm still in contact with the people that used to create games on there back in the day.
Unfortunately that website is no longer what it used to be. It's no longer being updated nor moderated. The "game of the week" is a game from 2013. the developers thought monitors wouldn't get wider then 980 pixels leaving half of the website black on a full HD monitor. Eventhough there are still quite a lot of people creating games on this website there is no longer a true community and all the people that create an account nowadays only create one game and never come back after that. Last of all the website uses Flash and is doomed to longer be supported in the very near future.

And that's why I decided to create My Own Game! A completely new place to create games. Made using HTML5 instead of Flash.
But we're still not there yet. At the moment we're planning the future of My Own Game. Looking into what could be improved and what features can be added.

Back when I was 8 years old, I was dreaming about all the amazing features that could be added to "Het Klokhuis Gamestudio". And at that time I could never have thought that a decade later I'd be the one adding these features. "Het Klokhuis Gamestudio" inspired me to become a game developer and now I'm trying to inspire future game developers too. And that's just an awesome thing to do.

Everyone can make games. Create yours now!
My Own Game

Tag: Development | Date: 2016-01-29


LEAP motion

I recently got the chance to play around with LEAP motion, a motion controller that allows you to use your hands instead of a mouse. I came up with the idea to create a ball throwing game where you need to hit stacked cans to earn points and proceed to the next level. A simple game which seemed like the perfect game to try LEAP motion, the idea was that the player could actually throw the ingame ball with his real hands, giving it a natural feel.
Unfortunately it didn't turned out that well. The main issue was the limitations of LEAP motion. LEAP motion has a lot of potentional, but at the moment the range in which it can detect your hands is just way to small. Besides that LEAP motion needs to see your hands in such a way that it can recognize all five fingers otherwise it will space out.
This made it nearly impossible to use LEAP motion to throw an ingame ball, I ended up mounting LEAP motion on my monitor. This way LEAP motion could recognize my hand while pointing it at the screen. It ended up feeling unnatural, the opposite of my expectation. I probably should've done more research to the limitations of LEAP motion, but trying out the official demos quickly made me realize that it wasnt just my idea that didn't work with LEAP motion.

Tag: Development | Date: 2015-10-29



Today I spend some time updating my portfolio, click here. The portfolio is available in two languages, Dutch and English (Elvish and Dwemeris coming soon).

Tag: Website | Date: 2015-05-26


Terrain generation Library

I decided to make a simple to use terrain generation library in c++ with the diamond square algorithm (Great explanation), one of the more advanced functions of this library will be the possibility to expand pre-generated terrain, this means that it'll be very easy to make a endless world kind off thing. However, it's not as easy as it sounds, I've got the basics working now but there're some complicated problems I'm having right now. I'll make another blog post once I've managed to deal with them, the library should be very close to done once I've got rid of those problems. Follow me on twitter if you'd like to stay up to date (@oli414)

Tag: Development | Date: 2015-05-21


Welcome to the blog!

I finally got some time to make this blog, I hope you like it :-)

Tag: Website | Date: 2015-03-30